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For Booking & Inquiry
Office Phone: +85563964690
Mobile: +85512540336
Website: www.hakshouse.com

ur Location:
Build Bight Road, Vihear Chen, Siem Reap Angkor
(right next to build bright university)
How to tell the driver to get to our guest house
Whether you are coming from the airport, bus station or boat dock all you have to say to the tuk tuk or taxi driver is ( I would like to go to build bright road and want to stop next to Build Bright University). We are just 2 houses after Build Bright University. To walk from the old market will take you about 15 minutes, you will to take the 1st road on your right hand side at the roundabout of the old market and after you will take the right road and that road is called Build Bright road already so just keep going to straight until you will build bright university so just walk pass build bright university 2 houses you will see us. Call us for any help for getting to our hostel, we can send our tuk tuk driver straight away to get you there at anytime.

Free Pick Service By Mr. Hak Team 
Please note that:  To enjoy  the free pick up service from the airport, bus station or boat dock you have to contact me by phone or email as dedicated above after you have made the online booking with us. Please kindly let me know of the time of your arrival and transport detials. Thank you for choosing our guest house for stay during your lovely visit to Siem Reap, We strongly hope you will enjoy your stay in Hak's House.

****** Scam and Be awared of the maffiar tuk tuk driver:
Please also note that in Siem Reap, at the bus station, boat dock or even at the airport you will find the taxi driver are not so realiable. They would say to you with a possible few different words LIKE " I do not know the guest house" , " The guest house has been closed down" or the guest house is too far out of the city".  As the owner of Hak's House, I would like to confirm for you that those of mouth from them are not true at all. In fact they know that the guest house you have booked would not get them high commision or give them deal when they bring you there. So therefore, I would strongly suggest you to spend 2 minutes after you have booked to email to the hostel, guest house owner to let them know of your arrival details in Siem Reap. If you are a solo traveller who does not like to plan anything in advance then you can give the guest house owner a ring and I am sure that they would be happy to send their driver quickly to go and pick you up. I write this because I want to ensure that tourists will feel free and easy for their first time arriving in Siem Reap, The city of the old, ancient temples. As Hak's House owner, I would like to wish you a safe travel.